About Timmy

Timmy Treasure was born in Alicante (Spain), in 1986. From there, he moved to Madrid where he was raised in a very religious family of Jehovah’s Witnesses. For many years, he was a good religious boy, going to pray every night. But when he turned 16, he started to feel different from what he was taught that was right and normal under God’s eyes. He started to feel attraction for dick. After some time thinking that it was wrong, and making excuses, at the age of 18 he just let himself cross to the dark side and tried dick for the very first time. After that, dick became his new God, abandoning then, every sign of his old faith, and finding a new fate.

After some years working in a power plant as electrician, he decided to go further following his God, and adore him in a better way working deeper on his commands, so he started to work in the porn industry.

At the age of 25, he shot his first scene as model, in Spain. Then, wanting for more, and due to the lack of industry in this country by that time, he contacted some British studios and after a while, he ended up working in the UK for some companies. At the age of 27, he decided to completely quit his work on the power plant, move to the UK, and work full time in porn. After performing in more than 70 movies, he wanted to do even more, and work not just as model but also behind the cameras.

Was a year after that, with 28, when he got in touch with one of the biggest European gay porn producers, Staxus, and they gave him the chance to proof what he was worth.

At first, due to his contacts in the industry, he started to work as models manager and recruiter for the company… then also social media manager, production manager, and finally general manager, work that he still does today.

In the meantime, his director career was being started together hand by hand with the owner of Staxus. They decided that was time to bring something new to the industry, and together created a new studio called My Dirtiest Fantasy.

Timmy got prepared to become director/producer of My Dirtiest Fantasy, doing courses of filming and edition, and that, together with everything that he had learnt on set in his many shoots as model, working for many directors and companies gave him the right formation to start his directing career.

During 2017, My dirtiest Fantasy was launched just on DVD format, and then, on late 2018, the studio launched the website, with hundreds of scenes by now, and counting!

Surrounded by a great team, he directs My Dirtiest Fantasy (www.mydirtiestfantasy.com), which is filmed in Spain, and manages models and content for Staxus (staxus.com) which is filmed in Czech Republic by Pepa Jhon, also one of the best European porn Directors.

If you want to watch his work as producer, check out mydirtiestfantasy.com!